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What's WCX?

WCX allows you to speculate on the price movement of financial markets with BTC.

You predict whether your market's price will rise or fall, and the degree to which you are right or wrong determines your profit or loss, in BTC.



Our trading engines are designed from the ground up to handle millions of orders per second, resulting in fast trading even in times of high market activity.


Securing customer funds and data is our top priority. We offer end-to-end encryption, comprehensive DDOS protection, 2-factor authentication, and offline storage for client crypto keys (>98% of funds are stored in cold wallets).


We leave out the fluff that slows down other services and get straight to the point: trading. Our trading interface is super-fast and easy to use.

Practice Trading

We offer unlimited and risk-free demo trading so you can learn to trade and discover the platform at your own pace.

How do we make money?

We don't charge fees for trading on WCX. We make money on the spread (the difference between the bid and ask prices).

Our founders are early crypto investors and have made a generous donation to fund WCX’s growth for many years. This money allows our team to build products in line with our long term vision, without the pressure of making short-term profit.

Secure your account

The best way to protect your account from being compromised is to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA). You can enable 2FA from your Settings.

Get started

If you're using WCX for the first time, start by verifying your ID.

Then head to your trading dashboard to deposit and trade. You can check out our Tutorial for guidance or get started immediately with demo trading.

Also, don't forget that you get 10% refund on any losses you make with our native token, XT. Learn more.

You can always contact support if you have additional questions.