Our CEO, Amatsu, checks in with users two weeks after they start trading, seeking feedback about their experience. We've collected some recent replies below.

Brian M.

Thanks for your interest.

So far for me personally it is the best trading platform I have used.

Everything is very responsive and fast.

I do need to spend more time on WCX but yes very happy with the user experience and easy of use for opening, closing, orders, setting stop loss and trading profits.

Burak A.

WCX works great. Thank you for reaching out.

Murat Y.

I think WCX is simple and fast. I see that WCX acts safely and privacy is elevated. That's what I want. I hope it stays this way. Very nice to meet you.

Lebidge J.

First, sorry for the late reply, I had so much work that I forgot about it.

But, I really wanted you to know that I was really impressed when I saw the user interface, I mean, I have some accounts on several exchanges and I think WCX is easy to use, clear visibility and the ability to trade more than just cryptocurrencies.

Thanks for contacting & listening !

Jonas S.

Since a long time ago I have searched a platform like WCX to trade with my bitcoins and finally the dream has become true.

I am mining crypto currencies and WCX is the perfect solution for me to help my crypto capital to grow and to survive in this actual bear market.

Because I dont want to exchange my crypto currencies to fiat and once again WCX is perfect for that.

So I want to thank you too.

Concerning my trading experience I want to say WCX is a nice platform and it is a true pleasure to trade with my bitcoins on it.

Phuoung N.

Everything is fine. Thanks.

Kristada P.

WCX is great. Design is very easy to use. Not confusing like other big websites. :)

Ovidiu S.

Hi. I really like it as a place to trade, I like the fast response on open/close positions. I made a test withdrawal which was processed really fast.

My experience so far was very pleasant. Thanks for asking. Have a nice day!

Mamut Y.

I'm a loyal member since the beginning of WCX, and I must say I love it.

Leon H.

I'm very happy with the service, for sure. Thanks for taking the time to ask your users for ideas and experiences. I look forward to the future of WCX. All the very best.

Eric J.

Thanks for your interest. Everything is fine :)

Tomaj S.

WCX is great, the concept is nice. I am enjoying it.

Derek S.

Great work so far. I really like the simple and clean lines. No need for all the graphics and popups and crap. Plain and simple! Keep up the good work!

Champ I.

Your site is operating well for me so far. I was using 1broker until it was taken offline so am a little wary of trying new sites, but so far so good.

Karry U.

I love the UI. I'd like to work for you, to be completely honest :)

Coca C.

Thanks for your email. The platform is functional and pleasant to use. I have already taken a position and am waiting for more. Congratulations for the design, it looks great.

Yash S.

Great experience and good efforts do continue. Thank you.

Max L.

Thank You for taking care about your site users. Everything is good.

Fab J.

Good so far.

Jhed P.

Great platform comparing to many platforms I had experience with.

Rafael A.

Thanks for reaching out, the everything is working well and I’m enjoying it, congratulations.

Johan V.

Thank you for building this platform!

My experience has been very good, clear and easy to use interface.

More stocks would be nice but I don't think that is an easy thing to implement, I am satisfied with the offering at the moment.

Greetings from one happy user.

Daniel L.

Everything's fine, thnak you for asking.

Sava R.

I have a great experience with WCX. Thank you for your interest.

Lutas C.

So far everything works as expected. Thank you for your interest.

Mathieu S.

All is well. I have noticed the maturation of the service since the summer time, and look forward to finally starting to connect with crypto activities once again and use services such as yourselves.

Thank you for reaching out and I hope to visit to trade regularly this coming year onwards!

James M.

So far I have not hard any unusual problem. On all honest the site is fantastic. I love it and hope to use it more often. If I have any suggestions in the future for sure I will let you.

Iandos F.

Great experience ... in trading I would improve the graphical interface when you have open positions because you can not manage when there are so many and it would be nice create a section with reports of trade and P / L reporting.

Philip E.R.

Congrats on your product.

Francesco L.

Everything is going well, responsiveness is fast, thank you.