X Token

What's XT?

The X Token (XT) is WCX's native crypto token.

Buyback Program

  • Every quarter, we’ll buy back a fixed amount of XT on the WCX exchange and burn them, effectively reducing the total available supply.

  • Buying activity will be continuous and will attempt to have minimal disruption on the market price.

  • This buyback and burn activity will continue until 70% of all publicly issued XT are burned.


XT is the base currency for the entire WCX ecosystem and benefits from a continuous buyback program.

Initial Allocation

  • 70% of all issued XT are distributed to participants of the token sale. We consider these early investors as critical to WCX’s development and growth.

  • The remaining 30% of XT are retained by WCX and follow a 6-year linear vesting schedule to incentivize talent retention in accordance with our long-term view of the project. These funds are deployed to build and grow the platform through research, engineering, business development, and marketing.

Buy XT

You can buy XT on the exchange.


What's the minimum order size?

The minimum order size is 1,000 XT.

What are the fees to trade?

There are no fees to trade on the XT exchange.

How do I place a market order?

You can place an order that executes immediately at the best available price (market order) by setting your order price deep in the opposite book.

Do you offer stop orders?

We don't currently support stop orders. Only limit orders are supported at this time.

How fast are withdrawals?

Most withdrawals are processed within 1 hour of being requested. Some withdrawals may need to undergo review or be processed from our offline wallets, which may take up to 24 hours.

Are there any limits on deposits or withdrawals?


Do you have an API?


I used to have an "unverified" XT balance. What happened to it?

Verified XT have been migrated to your account. You can view them on the exchange here.

Unverified XT have not been migrated and are no longer redeemable. These are tokens that required your token sale referrals to verify their IDs as an anti-spam measure.