Get 25% Commission Share

For anyone who signs up though your affiliate link, forever! See below for how to get started.

How It Works

Get your unique link here. You receive 25% of commissions generated by anyone who signs up through your link, forever.

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3. Track your payments

You can track the users you refer and your payments as they happen, in real-time, from your Referrals.


  • Lucrative. Our affiliate program pays you one of the highest commission shares in the industry.

  • Real-time payments. Payments are made to your trading account and are immediately available to trade or withdraw.

  • Cookie-based system. Get credited for users even if they don't sign up straight away, up to 30 days after they visit.

Why promote WCX?

It's Profitable

High-leverage trading is on average 8x more profitable for affiliates than regular exchanges, and 3x more profitable than other money services such as poker.

It's Unique

WCX allows users to trade a broad spectrum of markets including FX, crypto, stocks, commodities, and indices – something no other crypto exchange offers.

High Customer Satisfaction

Our users love us. Those who start trading on WCX tend to keep coming back, because we're the easiest and fastest way to trade on the planet.


We offer industry-leading security with no history of breaches and fast customer support.

Trade Anywhere

The trading UI adapts to the user's device, whether it's a desktop, phone, or tablet. So you can promote WCX anywhere.

Marketing Tools

The best way to promote your link and drive good income is by offering valuable content. For example, writing a review about WCX or creating a video tutorial to show people how to trade.

You can also include your link in your social media profile for your followers to use.

For content inspiration and high-conversion headlines, check out our press and reviews pages.


What's WCX?

WCX is a leading trading platform that lets users long or short the markets with bitcoin. It's secure, fast, and easy to use.

How do I get started as an affiliate?

Easy. Get your unique link and have people use it when they sign up.

How do I drive traffic?

You can share your link anywhere and use any source of traffic as long as it's not spam. Examples: personal website, YouTube, blog, social networks, ads, etc.

Make sure you target the right audience: people interested in crypto and trading. If you're geo-targeting, keep in mind that users from Cuba, North Korea, Syria, the USA, and some other countries cannot deposit and trade on WCX.

How much will I earn?

There's no limit on how much you can earn. The more users you refer who deposit and trade, the more you earn.

Does it cost anything?

Our affiliate program is completely free.